Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Magic of the Day

Today's a very special day. And, to tell you the truth, there is no reason for me to feel like I'm feeling now. And I emphasize that there is no reason at all, or at least what people would normally consider luck. I've had a sore wrist for nearly a month and I haven't solved the problem, in spite of the bood tests I've had and the medication I've taken. I don't think I should spend sany money right now.... Anyway, it's not very serious. It only hurts when I overexert myself.

Maybe I don't want it to get better, and that--I know--is very stupid, but there is a reason: it makes me feel alive. It breaks the routine; when I try to hurry and pick up my heavy bookbag from any angle, there is the pain, and I remember the problem and smile. It makes me smile. Although it's not the only thing that makes me smile, for I could mention thousands of things that do, like my daughter, my wife, my friends, the bus driver, the dogs at the university, the rays of light that break> into the bedroom, suddenly, during apparently cloudy evenings.

When was the last time you smiled for no reason? Do it. Smile. Right now. Don't feel silly. Did you have a bad day? Was it good? anyway smile. What's the point in all this? Well, my friend, let me tell you that there absolutely no point in doing such a thing as smiling. There's no reason why you should neccesarily have to do it. We are used to having reasons for everything, and we even get mad at one another when we don't know why. Why not be able to do some things without a reason? Maybe there's a song that explainsl this better than I'm doing, but anyway I don't really care, because anyway I want to say it.

I feel I can escape from routine when I do something without a reason. Sometimes, when I'm walking, I arbitrarily change direction, just because I felt like it. When I go to the library, I could eventually take a book I would normally not take, just for the sake of it. What do you think if I told you there's a sort of magic hidden in the pages of books that haven't been openned for, let's say... a hundred years? That when you open a random page, the light hits the pages that have been asleep for such a long time. It bounces up and hits your face, spreading a sort of magic onto your forehead. What would you say if someone told you that, because he/she changed directions, or went somewhere that s/he didn't expect to visit and met someone s/he wouldn't have met on any other ocasion? What if that person made a difference to the person's life?

Although everyday is not the same, and there's no such thing as routine, we are too predictable to realise it. Share your experience of trying to break with routine!

Today is a very special day because it's not anyday in particular; it's
a day you've made up for yourself.


Verónica said...

Maybe you fall in love with the pain in your wrist...


Juan Q=^D said...

Do you think so? Para ser más específico, no es deshabilitador, ni muy doloroso... Más bien es una molestia... Tal vez sea una advertencia a un exceso de notebook :S

Anonymous said...

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